Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sammi and the pajamas

 This is Sammi.
 This is Sammi in her "princess jammies."
 Sammi has been wearing these pajamas pretty much non stop for at least two weeks. I can barely separate her from them.
She will change her clothes to go out in the yard because she knows if she gets them dirty out there I will make her let me wash them.

When she gets up for preschool she will only get dressed if I promise she can put them back on when she gets back from school.

She carries them to school in her backpack.

She starts asking to wear them again as soon as she gets in the van.

She tells me when she wakes up in the mornings that she needs to go back to sleep if I even look like I am going to suggest we wear something other than these pajamas.

Her loving father bought her these princess jammies hoping she would at least let the pink ones get washed.

Nope. Those are no good.

I spent some of my time today while she was at preschool sewing a pair of pants to go with another princess jammie shirt I picked up at goodwill. She saw them when she got home and went screaming through the house "I DONT WANT IT!" and then threw them in the trash and went and got the pink ones to put back on.

If 10 years from now you see a pre-teen wearing excessively small princess jammies you should know you have found my Sammi girl. LOL

*I sold the fetal doppler today. One more piece of baby gear out of the house, but more importantly, one scary piece of baby gear out of the house. I bought that during the very dark days when everyone was sure Sammi would die. And look at her now. Victory is mine you assholes. Proud mama of THREE miracles now. :-)


  1. The bean had a yellow tank top that he wore when he was her age. He wore it and he wore it and he wore it until he grew and it shrunk and it basically fit him like a bra, but he still wore it and wore it and wore it (under a shirt, thank goodness he let me persuade him to do that) until one day he couldn't get it on anymore. That thing had stains on it and was a sight. I kept it as a reminder of his little self and I long for the days I had to bribe him out of it for wash day.

  2. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Sammi is so stinkin' cute. :) My oldest had this Osh Kosh denim dress that she always wanted to wear. That was almost 20 years ago but those years went by in a blink. Cherish every day with those little ones.

  3. Someday you will look back and laugh at Sammi and her obsessive princess jammie wearing.I love that she carries them to school in her backpack! She really is quite the character.

  4. We've had a few versions of the princess jammies around here - there was the lamb hat (size 6 months, worn until kindergarten every time she could get her hands on it- I swear, she dug it out of the attic once!) - currently, it's a pair of grey leggings that are size 6X (she's 11 1/2, 5'2" and moving into Junior sizes and those darn things STILL FIT) that magically still fit as well as an orange gymboree butterfly skirt, size 10 maybe? She pairs them together. I have no idea how either one of those still fit her, but they do.

  5. That girl cracks me up! Someday she will never believe how silly and stubborn she acted. Thank God you have this blog and your blog books to back you up!



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