Monday, September 16, 2013

The end.

A milestone this week:
The end of the formula container.

The last formula container ever.

The last of my babies is on his way to being a toddler and I am on the way to the end of mothering infants.

Another milestone:

Grant is having a serious developmental spurt here the last two weeks. Crawling, standing, bouncing, trying to put puzzles and legos together (!), talking up a storm (the babysitter said to me yesterday "so he spent all morning asking for mama"), answering questions (Grant there is a bunny! "where?"), becoming very attached to his security blanket (aka his chewie), and just generally becoming  one of the kids instead of a lump of baby. I love watching this part. I just sit and stare for long periods of time watching his brain work.

Junebug hangs out watching tv in the cutest way ever. While wearing three pairs of pajamas AND two halloween costumes. LOL

We turned off the satellite this weekend. For four months. I feel a little lost without being able to veg out and watch tv when the kids are finally quiet.

And the kids are sick AGAIN. I am waiting on a surgery nurse to call me back about tomorrow. I am terrified it will mean postponing the tube surgery. We have no hope of avoiding a million more ear infections without those tubes. (In fact, this cold will mean another one.) And yet, we cannot stay well this year. Every 10 days they have something else. Sigh.

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