Saturday, October 05, 2013

Eeeek! I made something and am in love - Halloween quilt

I have been pretty much obsessed with getting my Halloween quilt top made this week and it's done already!

And I am in LOVE. I still have to quilt it and bind it, but so far it is everything I had hoped.

I wanted a chevron pattern because it reminds of a Jack o' Lantern mouth. I used this method and it really was easy. I did do a LOT more ironing than I usually do because the bias thing she mentions is no joke.  Cutting it this way makes it very stretchy. It's not perfectly put together because of that, but whatever.
The best part is the metallic gray dot fabric I found at Joann.

I have no clue how I am going to get it quilted though.

I have a rheumy appointment this week and I think a med change is in my future. My right shoulder, left wrist and left foot are still KILLING me. I am a bit afraid a med change is going to mean the arthritis is just unchecked while waiting for the new med to work (which can take up to three months!).

That should serve as a note to my children - Dear Children, do not let my quilts end up in the Goodwill bins with other people's dirty underwear PLEASE. Right now I have to really fight to make things, so let's just take care of them, 'kay? :)
Speaking of goodwill, I thrifted a pair of these green glittery pumpkins this week when the kids were making me nuts and WE HAD TO LEAVE THE HOUSE RIGHT NOW. 50 cents. Booyah.


  1. do NOT do Enbrel or Humera, whatever the lies they tell you. Zero immunity is not for humans who do not live in bubbles. sick, sick, sick

  2. I made a BIG chevron quilt this same way, your's looks great!

  3. I'm so happy that you were able to get a good head start on that amazing quilt. I could only hope that something that awesome would show up at my Goodwill :-) I hope your kids grow up to appreciate all of the things you have made. How could they not?

    A couple of weeks ago, I finally got up the nerve to clean that feedsack quilt I bought at Farm Chicks. Thanks to your amazing advice, it turned out beautifully. So I got a little cocky and bought another one at an estate sale the other day. I have often passed on quilts because I have been afraid to wash them. But I think you may have created a monster :-)



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