Friday, October 18, 2013

Found on Friday

Yesterday Dave and I went on a date. A real  live, actual date. With a paid babysitter at home with the kids AT NIGHT.

For the first time in NINE years.


We went to an evening craft festival at local brewery. It was billed as handmade and vintage but meh, very little vintage. Handmade markets are hard for me to be honest. I always think eh, I can make that.  There were about 20 vendors so it took me all of 20 minutes to think eh, I can make that, let's go somewhere.

We did a little junking. We went to the big mall and went to Anthro (where it was 500 degrees, btw). We ate dinner with no screaming children and stayed up until midnight. (I was turning into a pumpkin in the worst way.)

I picked up a few things last night and few things this week:
polka dot foil floral wrap. I love this stuff for crafts.
Older metal garland.
This is not old and made in India I think, but wowzers, amazing bead work.
It weighs a ton. And it fits perfectly with my "let's funky it up a bit in here" theme for my house right now.
And the stitching on the back is as amazing as the front.
Hansel and Gretel baby quilt.
And a first - a vintage satin quilt.
Pretty sure it is handmade, but admittedly I know nothing of the satin quilt craze.
I just knew it was soft and lovely and it was jumping into my arms.
Tomorrow "my Jackie boy" (as Sammi calls him) is turning nine.



We are celebrating tomorrow with our annual trip to Amish country - fun!


  1. Congratulations on a much needed date night! I total understand craft shows. I have a love/hate relationship. Have fun in Amish country! Birthday blessings to Jack too!

  2. Anonymous12:18 AM

    Date night for the win! We're still at the stage where a night to ourselves involves sleep. I want that Hansel and Gretel quilt! I have to hunt out a sweet vintage baby quilt online. You have converted me.


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