Sunday, October 20, 2013

Happy ninth Birthday to Jack!

My Dearest Jack,
Today you are nine!
Halfway to 18? How quickly the time goes.
You are still struggling with a lot of the things that have always been a battle for you. Some things you are apparently just *not* going to outgrow. But we are learning, all of us, better ways to deal with this stuff. We are deep in the work of helping you become the man you are going to be as the years go on and we have long left behind the work of teaching you things like shoe tying and using a spoon.
In the past month or so you have started to make some great emotional strides. Having a successful sleepover away from us, asking for help at school, conquering fears and finally getting on this horse (and riding it over and over and over and over all by yourself, with no one leading her), acknowledging internal battles, recognizing fear and anxiety, and so much more.
I think I have never been  more proud of you.

I hope that in the year to come you are able to recognize that it's okay to be more than smart. Smart does not define you. That you can come to understand that we are your soft place to fall and it's okay to tell us whats bothering you. And most importantly - that your place here is secure. You are my number one son, now and forever. You are the boy that first made me a mama not a ship passing in the night.

I will always love you and hold you and guide you and be there for you - no matter where you go on your journey.



  1. Wow! I can't believe he's 9! Happy Birthday, Jack!

  2. Anonymous12:31 AM

    Happy birthday Jack! What a huge year it has been for you :)

  3. Happy Birthday Jack! It's fun watching you grow up, here on your Mom's blog. So glad you conquered your fear of that horse.When I was your age, horseback riding was my favorite thing in the whole world!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Handsome Boy! Love hearing about all of your achievements from your proud Mama. You are both super lucky to have each other :-)


  5. So sweet! Happy belated Birthday to your Boy!
    Erica :)


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