Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Hello October

Oh hi October.

Around here:
Well, the government shut down. That should be interesting. Sigh.

Grant has spent the better part of two days crying.

The kids are sick AGAIN.

They also have taken up the lovely sport of hitting, kicking and spitting at each other. (WTF?)

Jack was identified last week as having a pragmatic speech deficit. Which explains a lot. But also? Good luck getting anyone to pay for speech therapy. He qualifies for a short stint at school, which is a start.

Grant had his one year check up. 25 lbs 6 oz, 31.5 inches with a 19.5 inch head (!!!).

I spent all of the weekend limping around putting up the Halloween stuff. I am still knackered two days later, but at least it's done. The kids are now driving me a bit insane moving mice and houses and witches from one end of the house to the other.

I picked up a few things at the flea this weekend:
Fun vintage costumes.
(This one does have it's mask but see the kid problem above.)
This is Sabrina the witch.
Handmade Carmen Miranda.
According to Sammi this is a "scarypire." She has been hung by the chimney with care. Along with her spiders who will "bite me on the head."
I am dreaming of five minutes to start my Halloween quilt. I can't even find time to start the cutting.
The leaves on the dogwood are just barely starting to turn.

Happy Fall y'all!


  1. HA! my mom made me a carmen miranda costume in 8th grade. it was awesome.

    also, we've never gotten insurance to pay for speech therapy. so hopefully the school will help. right now my redhead is in PT and speech, PT is partially covered. he just had his OT eval (prob. NOT covered at all - $150 per session) and his annual eye exam which proves he needs vision therapy - unsure if this will be covered either. ACK.

  2. The vintage bunny costume!
    I want Sammi to come to my house and give me some commentary on my Halloween decorations!

  3. How sweet is that vintage bunny costume! I love your Halloween mantle, especially the pair of black cats.

  4. I haven't been here in forever!! I can't believe your youngest is already a year old. I love those vintage costumes and have missed reading your blog. I hope to catch up on it when I get a minute!!


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