Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Take 1

First, I did not even yell at the children once while taking these photos. THAT is a major accomplishment.
Second, not once did I feel as if I was about to have a stroke trying to take these photographs. Again, a major accomplishment.
Third, I also did not feel as if I was going to have a stroke when I discovered that not a single store sells an ORANGE halloween shirt in Jack's size. No, I did not. Instead I decided right on the spot to go with black and white and green for Sammi.
Fourth, even though I discovered that my living social canvas voucher expired 10 days before I thought it was going to expire and I have not yet been able to get the company to do anything about it so I can have my Halloween efforts on a beautiful canvas to enjoy until I die, I still went and took the pictures and did not cry in my cheerios about it.
I think all of this is a sign that either I am -
Getting way too old for this crap
getting a lot more mellow in my old age
just happy that at least some of the 9 million photographs turned out and that no random stranger's butts are in them even though the patch was FILLED to the brim with people as soon as the doors opened.
Besides, the kids are cute, aren't they?


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  1. Yes~such cute kids and terrific pictures!


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