Thursday, October 03, 2013

Weird and not so weird

I have to tell you that right now Samantha is enough to drive a saint to drink. Holy Moses that girl has come screaming into the terrible twos this week. Oh sure, she is still cute - "mommy why you painting sparkly on the scary?" (as I was desperately trying to glitter a million tiny skulls for the swap). BUT WHERE ARE THE GYPSIES WHEN I NEED THEM???

Yesterday while she was at preschool Grant and I went thrifting.

And I thrifted what might be the weirdest thing I have ever thrifted:

A glass glittered, tulle, millinery fruit, feathery cake? It's big and appears to have zero purpose other than decoration. (And it has some discoloration on the first tier I need to attempt to fix.)

But it was sparkly. And it got in my cart.

Now what on earth am I going to do with it?

In the not weird category:
Loads of small vintage doll furniture.

A pair of these beds with mattresses and pillows.
This is so fun.
I dug and dug for the other part of this not even knowing what I was looking for. I just looked for something pink. On the way home it occurred to me it's a wardrobe door. Never did find the rest.
Also a box with old playskool block parts. No complete toys, but it matters not, the kids don't seem to care.

I have trapped us in the living room with a baby gate in a supreme effort to 1) get something done today without chasing these two all day long and 2) contain the mess that is two toddlers. Holy hell they tear up the house from one end to the other and my "free time" is spent picking it all up.

Good luck to me with that. LOL


  1. You know I'm loving that doll furniture. It's a huge weakness for me. I'm glad you found some time for thrifting with your busy little ones.

  2. All that furniture is seriously swoon worthy. The pink dresser is just the best!

  3. your blog makes me so glad to be past the small children stage and into the grandparent stage.... I can enjoy the best and send them home at the worst!!!
    But I do enjoy the remembering your posting makes me do!!

  4. Hey there! I do like that doll furniture. I am baffled by that cake ... a birthday party decoration someday? I got a bridal centerpiece in a box of auction junk Saturday ... it was a church, and it was made of styrofoam meat trays. IT was much worse than this cake, if that helps.


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