Thursday, November 21, 2013

A felt + oil drip tray advent calendar

It all started when I saw the felt advent calendar at the Purl Bee. We have tried lots of advent calendars over the years - usually defaulting to playmobil or Lego, but I know that with the "not twin terrors" those will be a nightmare this year.

Since I anticipate at least three years of kids wanting to constantly rearrange ornaments I decided to take the time to make a felt advent calendar this year.
Making the ornaments was kind of fun. (That is supposed to be a yule log, not a ding dong. LOL)

The tree and the mitten are my favorites I think.
Although I did have perfect button eyes for the gingerbread in the button jar.

The wreath is really fun too. Worth enlarging the photo.
I knew that pockets were just never going to work though. No way to keep the kids from taking all the ornaments out at one time and losing them all.  So I spray painted an oil drip tray from the auto parts store to make a big magnetic tree. (It's a little light around some of the edges because it took me a few tries to figure out the best way to get the tree on there.)

Super fun right? 
The ornaments are in individual envelopes in this leather organizer I thrifted that happens to be the perfect size.

With any luck the ornaments will stand up the abuse of the kids and last for many years!

*A few notes - because I have two toddlers I made sure the magnets are VERY secure. Each magnet is hot glued inside the ornaments and then sewn in. I washed the tray first because it had some sort of silicone or something on it. Then I primed it. Then I roughly sprayed a green tree shape on it.  The easiest way to make the actual tree shape was then to tape off the tree and overspray the white area. Some of the ornaments are not stuffed because their shapes proved real buggers to shape and stuff. I tried to add interesting embellishments to each ornament that are all made from different sewing materials - bits of crochet, different trims, buttons, rick rack etc.


  1. Sarah, I love this! And what a clever idea to do it on the drip pan and make them magnetic. Your littles are going to have a ball pulling those things off and sticking them on again ALL DAY LONG. (LOL)

  2. So cute...we never had advent calendars growing up. I bought a few of the candy ones a couple of years ago but the kids just ate the chocolate in one sitting once they realized how to open the box...hopefully yours last longer than mine. Happy Holidays!

  3. Sarah! You have two toddlers to deal with and you still found time to make this absolutely awesome & creative craft?! That's it. No more excuses for me.

    That will be an amazing keepsake for your family. I've told you this before but your kids are so lucky to have such a crafty mom.



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