Monday, November 25, 2013

Flea Market on Monday

Baby it's cold outside. Which means trapped in the house for many, many days on end.

We are:
Working on learning to use scissors.
Eating. (And thus pooping and pooping some more. Lordy this boy and his diapers.)

This is a very small set of religious art. It's very grey and dark in here today but these are just gorgeous, very soft colors and the ovals are gold dresdens.
A pair of what used to be vintage candle holders I think. I am hoping to put together one and turn it into a tree topper. Too bad they weren't still whole.
An organza hostess apron with two little snaps to hold -
different felt attachments for each holiday. LOVE the cake.
A huge roll of vintage bias tape.
Some ice skates. Think I am going to stick some kind of greenery in them and put them on the front door. Oh, pom poms! They need poms poms too.
A vintage beaded sweater. I have a tiny collection of these that I started gathering for our wedding. I saw stockings made from them in a country home holiday special and meant to do that for our wedding, but I could never bring myself to cut them.  Some day maybe?  They are so tiny and often have tiny moth holes so I really cannot imagine they are good for much else...

I am working on a ridiculous star project for our Christmas tree and running out of steam already and I am not even halfway done. Hopefully I can find some mojo for that project again in the next few days. I think tree time might be this weekend!


  1. That apron is adorable. Good thrifting!
    stay warm..chilly here too

  2. That apron is the cutest thing ever.

  3. First off- Yay for cutting up Max and Ruby, and Yay for pooping!
    LOVE the apron! Can't believe you found such a thing. And I had to laugh at the skates. So last week I was on a mission to find the perfect grungy pair to put outside with greens too. I found some at Goodwill but I was going to have to "distress" them. Then my Mom texts me and says "Do you want these old ice skates from our garage??? And sends this pic of these wonderful old black skates. Apparently I'd already gone through the whole song and dance of wanting to put ice skates outside to decorate when I lived with them. So back to the Goodwill I went to return the skates! I have the worst memory ever!
    I hope you'll show us the tree topper made out of the candle holders! Also hope you're feeling better. :)


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