Sunday, November 17, 2013

Flea Market Sundays - or getting piggy with it

It is so warm here I am sweating, so that means off to the flea.
A gaggle of mica birds. (Still trying to fill a tree like miss Magpie Ethel does.)
Some pretty vintage yardage.
The most wonderful vintage barn puzzle.
And a two color solid baby quilt.
Whose merits are not in the piecing or the fabrics but in the lovely quilting and that scalloped edge.

I went to the doctor on Friday after 5 day of not being able to swallow anything but tiny sips of water. Bronchitis says he. Shots of a steroid, a heavy antibiotic, prescription cough meds. Off I go. The throat was better within a few hours. The exhaustion, sweating and non fucking stop coughing? Nope.  Even taking three cough meds and one cough drop at a time does not stop it. I cough constantly. All night long. All day long. I am exhausted. My guts hurt. My head hurts. I cannot do anything without a violent coughing fit that leaves me peeing my pants and nearly puking. All at once. In an effort to not want to kill myself I have been calling it the cough drop diet. It's all I can eat. Oh sure, it's effective weight loss, but honestly, there must be a more merciful death than this.

To top if off yesterday my oldest child says "god it is dirty in here." Yes child, it is. Your mother is sick for 7 days now. And you children are P I G S.

So, that's whats happening here. We are getting piggy with it. While mommy dies a slow, painful death by cough drop.


  1. Tweet on the birds. Oh man, no so much on the cough drop diet....get rid of that fun to be a mom when you feel like death.

  2. Long time reader, rare commenter.
    My daughter (23 months) got croup at the beginning of October, and then passed it to me, my spouse, and two sets of grandparents. NONE of us are over it. I've been sick for basically a month and a half.
    If you have what we had (and it sounds like you do, it has been going around, even though we're not geographically connected), the severe coughing all the time lasts for about a week and a half or so. Then it calms down to a few nasty bouts in the morning but relatively clear sailing cough wise after that. But after the cough comes the gunk, which settles into your chest or sinuses. I've got laryngitis, again, second time this croup. The cough comes back occasionally, but not the pee or puke yourself variety (I did the first, go go post-preggo lack of pelvic support muscles; my spouse did the latter), just the "bad cold wet cough" variety. The exhaustion is ever present. But the gunk man, the gunk. Flowing freely from toddler noses, but less freely from adult sinuses... Oh and did I mention the fever blisters on our tongues? Because this croup is apparently a herpes variant, it causes fever blisters in the mouth. Joy!
    For us it is entirely viral. Both my stepdad and my mother in law got antibiotics because they were similarly diagnosed with bronchitis, but the abx did NOTHING for them ultimately. Steroids totally helped, but symptoms did not otherwise improve. Peds said it could take two months to clear it completely from our family unit. More joy!
    Next time Jack complains about it being dirty, might be an opportune time to tell him he doesn't get to complain unless he is part of the solution, while handing him a dust rag or the vacuum.

  3. We're having cough issues, too, so I feel you. The house looks like a bomb went off, courtesy of last weekend's stomach virus. At least your flea market trip was awesome. Hang in there!

  4. I say: Feel better soon. Tea? Honey? Wine?

  5. Love the mica birds. We have all had that nasty coughing virus at our house. It's definitely going around. The bad coughing lasts nearly 2 weeks. Last week, my germ fairy decided to add pink eye along with the coughing. Hang in there.

  6. Yay for Mica Birds! But who gives a shit about them when you are so sick, right? I'm sorry! Maybe you can't kick this one because of your "compromised immune system". Isn't that what they call it for all of us with auto immune diseases? I've gotten severe Bronchitis 3 times since having RA, and each time it was EXACTLY like you described above. Except there weren't any little kids asking me to take care of them!!!
    Did the doctor give you an inhaler? I also got one of those little humidifiers (from Wal-Mart) that I could set on my nightstand, and it's the kind that you put Vicks Vapor drops right into. I think that helped too! I'm sorry. :(
    p.s I LOVED your answer to my last post, and I chose to go with your advice!

  7. Love the title of this post, and really didn't know where you were going with the piggy thing at first. So sick and yet you still manage to maintain your sense of humor! Hope you feel better real soon and can eat something a bit more substantial than cough drops!


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