Sunday, November 10, 2013

I'd like to thank the children

Since my kids never sleep I am in the habit of waking before 6 am. 

Garage sales are few and far between in this chilly time of year, but there was one that caught my eye on craigslist sometime this week.  Because I was already up I was there about 15 minutes after it opened.

And then I RAN into the garage and snapped up this pile of quilts for less than it would cost me to have lunch at McDonalds. For all of them. :-)

So thank you unruly children of mine.
The early morning light is not doing the color of this one any justice.
It's a deep mustard yellow.
This one is a true scrap quilt, made from old clothes.
Pieced together all over the the place.
And this one. Well, this one. It must have truly been a work of art before it was loved to pieces. (Sorry for the bad crop, the sun was coming over the fence and blinding my camera.)
I haven't looked up the name yet, but those blocks! that border! those colors!

You lovely ladies often email to ask questions about washing quilts (and please do! I would hate for them to get ruined.)  This one was seriously brown and yuck o. I often recommend sunning them and when I saw this on the line yesterday I had to show you.
That stripe at the bottom is the part of the quilt that was over the line hanging towards the shade. The white part is the part that was facing the bright warm sun. Keep in mind that is NOVEMBER sun, so not very strong. But look at how much it whitened the quilt!

The lesson here? Wash very gently and then sun, sun, sun!

Happy Sunday to you!

P.S. I am starting to ponder an etsy shop. I have a plethora of quilts and tablecloths and beautiful vintage beaded handbags that cannot find a home via Craigslist (my preferred method). A girlfriend and I wondering about how they decide on search result placement? Any thoughts?


  1. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Wow thats many hours of someones life in those quilts! Etsy search rankings work on keywords and I think how often you upload to keep yourself from sinking into the many other pages. List items little and often. I googled it and found this on their blog:

  2. Here's to the children! I can't believe they were all at one sale. Well, I can't believe that even ONE of them was at a garage sale. lol
    Happy for you-
    Erica :)


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