Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Spoken, made and growing

I am REALLY, REALLY trying to reclaim November as slow this life down month. Which means trying to get some time to create.
I LOVE sequin throw pillows but there is no way in hell I am even paying $20 for something my kids will build forts with. Bought a 79 cent silk and sequin thrift store tank top, a 50 cent yard sale pillow form and for less than $2 I now I have my own sequin throw pillow.
This pillow had a halloween cover on it, so it needed something else. The hex is a vintage quilt block I have had forever.
My favorite part of sewing is mixing and matching patterns and colors. :-)
Yesterday Grant was in his high chair and I thought HOLY SMOKES! the baby is a toddler. He is so big. And climbing everything. I blinked and he climbed on top of the table yesterday. My in laws showed the kids that super annoying "what does the fox say?" video so when he was wearing his fox shirt Sammi kept making that annoying fox noise.
Sam wanted some "sparkly apples!' at the thrift the other day so I let her hang them on our woodland tree.
She is quite proud of herself.

Also of note  she  says "Ima be a watermelon for Christmas. But I am not gonna be a peacock. Peacocks don't like Christmas."  And "I am not sitting in time out. You sit in time out mommy. I busy, busy, busy."

Busy being a holy terror you mean. Lord the terrorist threes have arrived a little early and with FULL FORCE. Hitting, yelling, kicking, spitting, throwing things. Last night at 3 bloody am she was screaming I CANNOT FALL ASLEEP! I CANNOT FALL ASLEEP! I NEED MY MONIES!
At least Grant is still sweet. And dancing like a fool.
Maybe if I take enough pictures of her in all these costumes I will forget how she just screamed for 30 minutes and tore up her entire room having a tantrum and probably kicked a hole in the door?

Not likely.

But I better keep doing it anyway.


  1. Love this! even the tantrums!

  2. Ha Ha I'm not laughing at you I am laughing with you. The pictures you will remember the tantrums not so much. Good Luck!


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