Monday, November 04, 2013

Switching it up

I am still itching to switch things up in the house.  Everything is nice, but I have been living with it for four years and eh, our lives are different now.

This was the wall in my dining room. My pretty platters and my very expensive antique china cabinet. Which is all glass. And which is the single most expensive thing I own other than our mattress. It was more than an IKEA couch. :-) 

Because of the way our house is laid out that wall is the main walkway between the living areas of the house and the bedrooms. Grant was starting to POUND on the glass, so it was time to go.

Plus, I want FUNKY right now. Less prissy shabby and more, I don't know...eclectic I guess?
I moved the nature table to this corner and put some of the nature jars on a shelf that the toddlers can't reach.
I hung an old kid's dictionary page above it.
The china cabinet has moved to the corner, more out of the traffic pattern.
I put a quilt on the table. GASP! It's cold now and the room was echoey after the rearranging. It helps soften the sound in there.

I REALLY want to paint those white IKEA chairs. And find a new dining room table. One with less nooks and crannies to get filthy from the kids, but so far craigslist is not turning up anything that fits the bill.
I moved all the chalkboards from Grant's room to the long wall. They kids were always playing with them in there and this way they can get more use out of them. Having the play kitchen area in the dining room works out beautifully when I am cooking. Hopefully the chalkboards will add to that.
I hung old book pages above them.

And I made new curtains for the french doors.

My sister and law and her husband have gone on their way now and my kids are EXHAUSTED. Between them visiting and daylight savings they are a nightmare! It was lovely to have them here though, the kids enjoy them so much. I will say that managing Jack - well, not managing him but helping him manage his own emotions - with other people around is exhausting for me. There is this weird internal pressure cooker thing that happens when he is freaking out (that has nothing to do with anything else) and I start to feel like I AM UNDER THE GUN TO MAKE HIM STOP IT RIGHT NOW. Must mention that to the family therapist.


Back soon with a flea market find and some harvest decorating touches. (I have never done that before! Usually I jump right into Christmas. LOL)


  1. Great chalkboard wall and the kitchen area in the dining room? So embracing that you have kids and that is where they play. I did the same thing in our house with a kitchen set years ago...easier to keep an eye on the little guys!

  2. Love that nature table and all of the chalkboards. Your home has so much personality! Pretty obvious that a very creative family lives there!

  3. I think it looks great the new way! I like the china cupboard in it's new location. Love the term "prissy shabby" - hysterical. I know what you mean. I feel that way about my house a lot of times lately too. I love seeing the inside of your home - it looks very pretty and cozy.


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