Saturday, November 30, 2013

The year I hung pudding boxes on the front door

 I am in the middle of trying to finish putting some kind of Christmas stuff up in here. This is the box I screw the Christmas tree too (because of the cats). Look at these monkeys! Man, even with all soft, handmade ornaments on the tree it might very well be terrifying this year. I have moved the tree all over the house looking for a spot that is next to nothing so that furniture cannot be used to launch two toddlers up into it!
 In the meantime I decided I needed to get these skates off the counter. Swapped out the laces for bias tape, glued on some fake fur...
 Hmmm, need something to stick in them. A damn bird has been living in my other wreath (which resulted in a damn bird loose in my house!) so I decided quickly against putting any sort of greenery in there.

Need little presents. Search entire house for something to use as little presents. Blocks of wood? Too thick to fit in the skates. Nothing in the sewing area. In the pantry? Pudding boxes to the rescue! This makes Jack a little nervous. Pudding on the door mom? REALLY?
 They were too small on the door on their own, so I ran down to the basement and grabbed a wreath from another year.
Ahhh, better, now maybe some year I will paint the Halloween wreath hanger another color?

Nah. Cannot be bothered.

Off to try and take a Christmas photo of the kids.  Lord give me strength and a sense of humor.


  1. Love the colors of that wreath. Since it's not green and red, you can keep it up after the holidays! Good luck with your tree this year. I'm nervous for you! Maybe you can build some sort of plexi glass fortress for it? Yah, in your spare time :-)



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