Saturday, November 09, 2013

These are the days of our lives

I've been busy with the kids a lot this week. At 10 30 every morning we hike the mile to the park to play and then hike back for lunch.  My kids are the most shitastic sleepers ever and daylight savings is whooping all of our asses, so keeping busy is the only way to stay sane with two very over tired and crabby toddlers.
The littles had a picnic.

And then Sammi and I had a tea party after Grant went down for his disgustingly short 1 hour nap.
Jack made dinner all by himself with one of those Kraft recipe maker things (those are actually quite delicious). All I did was thaw and cut up the chicken.
Sammi spent that time digging in my now seriously junky junk drawer. The treasures in there can entertain her for hours. (Must put them back in their little cubbies.)
We've been listening to records. Lots of snow white. Must find cinderella and sleeping beauty records too.
Sammi has learned how to ride her tricycle! (It took Jackson a coon's age to sort that out.)
We've been catching 10,000 ladybugs as they are swarming today.

And we failed at another potty training try. As soon as she gets up and wanders off she pees everywhere and then cries in the saddest way about how she is peeing everywhere. Still not ready methinks.

Happy Saturday to you.

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