Thursday, November 07, 2013


 "Fly me like a buhfly daddy!" (butterfly)
 I know a lot of you are already stalking thrifts for Christmas stuff. Me? Nope. Yesterday I was out looking for some clothes for myself  (I WILL get out of the dirty, stained, holes in my shirts rut) and I stumbled upon these.

They are a little bit eh, gaudy? compared to what I usually buy but they were dirt cheap. Plus glass garland for the win.
 Bonus points for being HUGE.
Apparently quilt collecting for me does not mean old quilts exclusively. I couldn't leave this rainbow quilt (from Target who knows when) behind. It will be fun for taking the kids pictures on or maybe Sammi will steal it for her bed.  (She occasionally is in love with rainbows.)

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  1. Score on those trees! I have one of them and it was my Great Grandma's! They're pretty expensive on EBay because they're so big too. I agree with you about buying new quilts. After all, someday they will be old! :)


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