Friday, December 06, 2013

12 days of stars, 10 years of marriage and a partridge in a pear tree

It's our tenth wedding anniversary today. Now I should show you a picture or something, but I am tired. We are supposed to go out for dinner and I told Dave I am so tired that if we drive into the city I will certainly pass out in the car and just stay passed out. My stupid arthritis is making my neck and shoulder hurt so bad that it kept me up all night. Plus whenever one of the kids fusses in the middle of the night it wakes me and then I am up for HOURS. It's ironic that lack of sleep makes the arthritis even worse. So.tired.

So Happy Anniversary to my lovely husband. We made it through our first decade. We have three crazy kids and no partridges in the pear tree. :-)

The stars today are old floral foil that I peeled apart and glued to cereal box stars. Smacked a velvet bow on them and C U T E. Easy too.
I am not a cook. This is not a cooking blog. I only cook to live. But last night I made this because I was dying for some pizza and take out is not in the budget. And it was good. I will never remember how to make it if I don't write it down here where I can search for it later.

Premade na'an + curry grilling sauce (see next pic) + caramelized red onions + sweet peppers + mozzarella + golden raisins. It was only missing a dash of fresh cilantro.
The baby sitter is coming tonight so I have been rushing to throw together a little Christmas present for her. The teenage girls that babysit our kids are in L O V E with my throw pillows. If you need a gift for teenage girls apparently throw pillows are where it's at. (Who knew?)

I have had these two fabrics in my stash FOREVER because they are not me. Or I thought they were not me. I sort of love this pillow so much I don't want to give it away. And I don't even know what that middle fabric is because I bought someone else's scraps and it was in there.
Little applique patch.
This one is boring and blurry but also a Japanese print that has been in the stash forever. Why don't I use this stuff? I love this one too.
A huge pile of throw pillows. (That Sammi thinks is for her.) Cheap too, I thrifted all the forms and two of the pillows still have the thrifted covers on them.
Last, but not least, my crazy children. We had several 60+ degree days before the snow started yesterday (which has amounted to nothing but FREEZING cold air and a teeny bit of snow).

Both a little banged up and wearing non matching "play in the yard" clothes. LOL

Thank goodness it's Friday. Please let me sleep tonight. Oy.


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! I hope you have a great night.
    The pillow stack is fabulous. That is one lucky baby sitter!

    Hope you feel better and get a good night's sleep soon.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Every Friday night is homemade pizza night here, but I never would have thought of curry grilling sauce, hmm . . . have to take your word on that.

    Very nice pillow stack!

  3. Well sorry I missed it, but Happy Anniversary! Jeez, I remember our 10 years like it was yesterday. And now we just passed 25...I was a child bride, ha! ha! Hope you enjoyed yourselves and the pillow idea was genius! Really cute.

  4. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Happy anniversary! I think the fabric is Anna Maria Horner? And yum the pizza looks good.


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