Thursday, December 05, 2013

12 days of stars

I have had these jello (? I think they are jello) molds for at least ten years. Most recently they were kicking around in the kid's play kitchen. I was tidying them up one day in the midst of the star madness and decide they would be great on the tree.

Not a dozen though, I only had 8 of them.

I stuck spun cotton figures and tinsel and  some poly batting...

and glitter and toadstools and whatever else was handy in them/
The gnome is my favorite.

These were the  most fun (and the least painful!) to make!

Snow and ice on the way today. I feel like the Torrance family on the porch of the overlook - watching and waiting for it trap me in the house with three wild beasts. LOLOLOL (Yesterday it was 70! We wore shorts and played outside until well after dark.)


  1. The little TWINKLE on the back is as darling as the ornaments. I can't believe you crafted ornaments for each day..with three kids around! Fun to see what your daily ornament is!

  2. So cute! I always pick up old jello molds at the thrift. I have a few hearts but no stars yet. Now I need to hunt some down. :)

  3. I cannot resist those old molds either and if I ever found stars with Twinkle on the back? You had better believe I'd be holding on to those with both fists! The ornaments you made are darling!

  4. Okay, now these are my favorite for sure! Love all the vintage-ness of them. The Twinkle on the back is pretty great too. These would be great to sell in your etsy shop if you ever get the chance to make more! Can't wait to see what's next.


  5. I have never seen star Jello© molds! I would love to find some of these! Sadly, if I had them, I would hoard them. I would never work up the courage to actually use them in a project. These are so much fun! Glad I was here to see them.


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