Friday, January 03, 2014

Grant, 15 months

Over Christmas break Grant turned 15 months old.

He is still not walking (come on my little dear!), but he is doing loads of other things.

Pushing hot wheels all over the house while saying "choochoo".
Fascinated with how all the things work - phones, remotes, cords, the fridge (!).
Yesterday he went to the kitchen and got himself four bowls out of the kids drawer. Then he crawled back carrying them and a rock (come and walk my dear!), climbed up and put them on the table and then proceeded to play a game where he dropped the rock in one bowl, grinned, grabbed the rock and dropped in another bowl, grin, rinse and repeat.

Then he decided to lay down on my ottoman and just hang out for awhile kicking his legs. This is noteworthy because until recently this boy has been fairly high strung. For him to just lay down near and me hang out? Whoa.
But then! He took his play camera and started taking pictures of himself and saying "chee! chee!"
He also:
says "hello?hello?" when the phone rings
learn to say "ho!ho!ho!" for Christmas
has crazy ass temper tantrums complete with ear shattering screaming when he wants something
gives kisses (!) I die, so sweet
climbs on everything he can
Loves, loves, loves dancing (especially to Fat Bottom Girls and What does the fox say?)
babbles a lot
makes a funny noise with his tongue
has started clicking his tongue
knows that shoes go on feet and tries really hard to put them on
has started helping get himself dressed by holding out a leg or an arm
enjoys looking at books and will finally allow me to read a few pages to him
is on the "see food, eat it plan" with most everything but meat (including things like lentils)
looks to me for approval/disapproval when doing things
imitates the big kids in all things
started pretend play - yesterday he ate from a spoon out of a cup for almost an hour (! for pretend, so at lunch I tried letting him spoon some applesauce, he did okay actually)
Speaking of spoons - does NOT want anyone else to feed him ANYTHING off a spoon except maybe ice cream
dislikes cake
has the biggest hands I have ever seen on a baby (do you suppose it's like cats and that means he will be a giant?)
hides his head when he is being bashful (he does not love strangers looking at him)
still only sleeps through the night about 60% of the time (hello 4 am, we hate you)
will play quietly with his toys for a good long time, unlike the other two
is still fairly obedient - you only have to say no once and he moves on

And is otherwise experiencing all those amazing toddler growth spurt type things that are moving him along from his baby days to his bigger kid days. I love watching this part happen. :-)

Happy Friday! Its colder than a well digger's ass (as my grandma would say) and supposed to snow again and again and again (and be something like minus 25 degrees), so I am trying to get out of this house today before I lose the chance again for the next 5 days.

Oh winter, a love/hate relationship we have, eh?

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