Friday, January 10, 2014

Hapde Burfday Sam! Three!

Goodness gracious, Sammi girl is three today and the big yellow angel FINALLY came for Jackson!
I had planned to celebrate her birthday in February again since it is so darn close to the holidays, but being the extremely opinionated girl she is, she had other ideas. (Mainly telling me LOUDLY every time I told her it was her birthday this week that NO it was not, it is "valentowns day", then asking me if we were going to have chocolate cake and have Peypey and Kira come over.)
So I decided Wednesday night (ahem) to have a birthday party for her on Saturday. This is the last year she won't have a big themed bash (I double checked and we started that for Jack when he turned four), so we are having a last minute purple soiree.

The kids and I did a little shopping yesterday and I am in the midst of throwing together some purple things like this wreath. $1 Target tinsel wreath + purple tulle + 3 glittered number threes + 3 light purple glitter stars + 3 dark purple glitter stars. (See how clever I am? Three of everything!)
This is also her first year for a number shirt, in purple of course.

Dear Samantha,

Today you are three!

When I found out we were having a girl I was more than a little scared. A girl! What does one do with a little girl? I would stand there, pregnant, looking at all those rows and rows of pink clothes and freak out a little.

Three years later and I cannot imagine our world without your pink, sparkly, princess laden joy.

You are spunky and opinionated.  You refuse to be pushed into doing anything (including getting dressed most days). You are the queen of all things (and no one else is allowed to even look at any of those things). You are sassy (It's not my birthday you noob!). You are sweet (always telling Grant it will be okay when he cries, right after pushing him down or biting him. sigh).  You are creative (right  now you are playing baking muffins with a muffin tin and balls from the ball pit while wearing one of my vintage aprons). You are obsessive (4,000 books in your bed anyone?). You love getting hugs and sitting on laps and reading your "baby" books. You make me laugh ("Mommy! I told you no sewing my dress!" when you discovered your Thomas tutu from your second birthday is now too small). You are the pickiest eater ever (no fruit or veg shall ever pass your lips).  You LOVE, LOVE, LOVE going to school (such a social butterfly!).

But mostly you shine little girl of mine.

I do not even have words to describe how you are able to charm every single person you meet. You just give off this special kind of vibe. 

My wish for you as we face the long, hard growing up year of three is this - that we are BOTH able to maintain our sense of humor and your sense of independence as we are staring down the temper tantrum laden road to four. It's an important year this one. You will learn to become much more of a big girl and much less of my baby, but I know you are going to come out on the other side even more awesome than ever.

Love you to bits baby,


  1. Happy Birthday to Sammi!! She is DARLING. So glad Jack is at school today! :) I meant to email you about James' freak outs. He has them, too. Where I am like, really???!!! Usually I say, "I love you too much to fight with you about this," and send him to his room. We take his electronics away when he is REALLY bad and luckily that isn't *too* often. :)

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl!
    I hope the year ahead is full of exciting things!
    Erica :)

  3. That face! I die, seriously. I think you should have a segment on your blog called "What Sammi Said". That girl is so damn funny!

    Happy Happy Birthday!


  4. Happy Birthday, Sammi!

    Wow! Can't believe she is three already!

    Love the wreath...super cute!

  5. Lovely. And she is so cute! Just to reassure you - my daughter ate nothing but refined carbohydrates for about the first six years of her life. We had to order plain pasta for her any time we went out. And now she's got the healthiest diet of anybody I know, and will eat almost every fruit and vegetable. No one who knew her then can believe it. For what it's worth.

  6. Happy Birthday Sammi!! I hope you had a wonderful day.


  7. Aww, happy day, sweet girl. Few things are as cute as 3 and 4 year old little girls, I'm telling you!


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