Thursday, January 09, 2014

I am a woman on the edge

I like to be prepared.  When I knew it was going to snow on SUNDAY I went to the store on FRIDAY and laid in toilet paper and diapers and milk and fruit leathers and stuff for grilled cheese and even stuff to make valentine!crafts! with the kids.

I knew Jack would not have school on Monday. It was okay, there was going to be a blizzard and I had everything we needed.

We waited ALL DAY Saturday for it to start. By Sunday it was snowing in earnest.

It piled up. And up. And up. It was minus a bajillion degrees.

No school Monday. Okay, I knew that.

No school Tuesday. Hmm, well, okay then, the roads are still dodgy.

No school Wednesday. OH MY HELL I AM GOING TO DIE SOON. I AM A WOMAN ON THE EDGE. The children are fighting and screaming and crying and messing and breaking and I cannot take another minute.

Ship Jack and Sam to grandma's house for a few hours in the afternoon. Grant and I take a nap. I sew as much as my bloody fingers will let me. I make dinner without one single thing being broken and no one crying.

We get them all in bed, we find the lunchbox because PEOPLE! we are going to school on Thursday.

Then the doorbell of doom this morning as I was making Grant a cup of milk. Dave says to me - "It's snowing again." And I see him getting on his boots! his goddamn boots! and getting the shovel! OMG NOT THE FUCKING SHOVEL AGAIN!

Run to the phone. Light blinking.

SOB. NO bloody school AGAIN.

The lovely weathermen keep saying "this is just a dusting." You don't have to shovel a dusting assholes.

We have been in this house for twenty one days now. That's right, twenty one days.

It's Sammi's birthday tomorrow. I had planned ahead. I ordered all the presents on Amazon this week. They are trapped in the polar vortex somewhere.  Never mind presents, she can still have cake.

I decided at the last minute yesterday that we WERE going to have a party on Saturday. I was going to go buy stuff for a last minute purple party today.

But more importantly - TODAY WAS SUPPOSED TO BE REGULAR! Jack at school, little kids resting in the afternoon, me CLEANING UP THIS MESS.

Instead I will be in this house with all of them again, looking and feeling like this:


*Swappers should have received swap emails yesterday. If you think you are signed up and have not seen it, email me stat. 
**If you find it hard to keep up with your crazy ass snowed in kids and life in general, Makin' Projiks IS on facebook. I try to post anything important you might need to know there.
*** Good news! the children have been up for less than 30 minutes and two of them are crying already.

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  1. 21 days..I would be on the edge too. What words of encouragement can I offer? ...just hang in there.


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