Sunday, January 05, 2014

Record snows and a year of makin'

 We live in St Louis and when I "was a kid" it surely seemed snowy here than it does now. Just two years ago (I think it was two years, certainly since Sam was born) it was SO mild all winter that we played outside nearly every day that winter in just long sleeves.

Earlier this week the weather talk turned dire. Words like "blizzard" and "-30 degrees" started coming out of the talking heads on the tv.

I went to the store on Friday  night and it was like a zombie apocalypse out there.  No food, 20 people in line at the deli. Insanity.

This morning the snow is here and it is coming down hard.  They've just said we may very well beat the record from the infamous 1982 blizzard that everyone in St Louis still talks about. 15 inches of snow! 3-4 FOOT snow drifts! Air temps of -8! (Hasn't been that cold here in twenty years).  Even the milk company called to say we should not leave our MILK unattended outside for even a moment on Monday and if we cannot answer the door they will not leave it. (The glass bottles will break.)

I am pretty sure by Wednesday this week shall forever be known as snowmagwearegoingtodieggedon. (I cannot even imagine that many days without my children being able to go out at all. Lord send me strength.)

I am hoping to sit here and sew on my quilt binding, I have a big pile of quilt books and enough food (And diapers!) to feed (and diaper!) all of Missouri.

I was thinking the other day that it seems like I hardly made anything at all in 2013. But really when I browsed quickly through the blog it was not hard to see that I did manage to make at least one thing a month.

Some more impressive than others, but with two little, little kids and one bigger kid making anything at all feels like an accomplishment!

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  1. Sarah - I love all of your handmade items. My favorites are the tin star mold and the pink wreath on the door with the skates. You are very talented. I love seeing what you come up with! Please keep the projects and inspiration coming this year.

  2. I am still in deep, deep smit with those milk bottle cap flowers you made! Those might be my all-time favorite thing you've made. LOVE THEM!

  3. You know I'm completely smitten with that pink tulle skating wreath. Our skating rink in the backyard has been getting quite the workout since Thanksgiving. Crazy old fashioned winter, isn't it? Stay cozy. Stay sane.

  4. Love all your things - especially the yoyo quilt, and the pink wreath. Our weather is going to be terrible too for the next 2 days. I already ran all my errands, filled up the SUV, got groceries, and plan on staying home for the duration. I am going to force myself to paint 2 rooms that I have been putting off. I bought the paint yesterday, so I have no more excuses! :) Keep warm and toasty!

  5. The year of making - great idea. It's nice to look back and see something tangible you've accomplished! Good luck with the whole winter weather thing ... I think it's coming our way tonight.


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