Tuesday, January 07, 2014

The weather outside is frightful but the valentines are delightful

So, this is day nineteen of my imprisonment with these children in this house. This morning I had the NERVE to change Grant's diaper and then I heard the loudest crash.

Samantha, the wrecking ball, tried to climb the living room shelves.

I am not sure I am going to live much longer if we don't get out of this house soon. Either that or I need to find someone to come sit in this house while I take everything we own and throw it in a big dumpster because I am tired of cleaning it up after they break it. Sigh.  (And every day I get rid of at least one bag of stuff. I have been slowly whittling down everything. I need more warm weather to list more on Etsy.)
Yesterday I put up some Valentine stuff (where the little buggers cannot reach it I hope.)

I am also reworking the area above the fireplace. I have another canvas ordered so just ignore the weirdness up there right now.
Every time I go in Target I pick up another pack of those $1 shiny letters. They were screaming to be made into Valentines. Shiny letters + vintage cardstock hearts + vintage playing cards + blue bakers twine.

We still need three more swappers, come on ladies, you can do it!

If I can eek out 14 Valentines in between cleaning up the blood and messes (I kid, sort of, it seems to be me bleeding and getting splinters and gashes and so forth) so can you! (Oh yea, today I was stabbed by that damn glittery deer when it fell! It left quite a mark. LOL)

Group emails go out tomorrow, today is your last day to pull the old trigger.


  1. The mantle looks lovely. Hang in there.

  2. If I get stuck inside one more day, I'm gonna be the one climbing the shelves! ANYWAY, your mantle looks so pretty. I've always loved your candy box collection! Hoping for a thaw, so you can all get out of that house!

  3. Love, love, love that mantle. Hang in there! It's 6 degrees out this morning but we're headed back to school. The break that kept on giving is finally over.

  4. Gorgeous!!!! Every angle of this room has beautiful interest and appeal and a comfortable welcoming feel! LOVE that fun blue chair and the rustic, animal themed accessories. Great workSmart Building Solution


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