Sunday, February 09, 2014

Flea Market Sundays

Swap boxes are arriving/have arrived, so Tuesday I will start showing you the Valentines!

Yesterday Dave and I went out without ANY of the children. Thrifting and lunch in peace!

It was a fabric kind of day. (Any day is a fabric day with me, though, isn't it?)

One yard of this...
Two yards of that.
A lone quilt block.
Several yards of this.
These were shoved in a Ziploc bag with some ancient construction paper. Glad I noticed them. I am pretty sure I see Dresden crowns on the Valentines next year!
A partial circus tea set. Somewhere I saw a tree with these teacups hanging on it. I am determined to round up enough cups to do that. (It was probably on Miss Magpie Ethel's blog that I got the idea!)
I love that someone took the time to patch this sleepy time costume. A costume that doubles as pajamas! Reminds me of Sammi girl, who loves nothing more than sleeping in a poofy princess dress.
The cat costumes were in one box.
With this mask, which matches a costume I bought last fall.
And, of course, a lovely, lovely quilt. I can't spread it out on the fence though, because we are still buried in snow!

Happy Sunday to you!


  1. You found some great things! Do you think the sheep are from a nativity set? Love the quilt! Our snow is gone but now they are saying we may get some more this week. Time for winter to be gone for all of us!

  2. Tin teacups hang in the studio on old children's hangers. I have about three hangers full. Good finds and glad you and Dave got some time to yourself!

  3. Looks like you find some wonderful items. You know I'm smitten with that partial tea set. Leslie from had displayed her tin toy dishes on a small Christmas tree. Looking forward to participating next year in your Valentine swap.


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