Sunday, February 16, 2014

Flea Market Sundays

Oy. I have been working, working, working all morning and sitting down to blog have just discovered I never did clean that fingerprint off my camera lens! So all these photos have a big blur on the right. All the stuff is put away now, so we are just going to act like we don't see that, right? Six hours of work is enough already for this day.

Time to see what junk this week has brought my way:
Lovely, gauzy yardage.

It was the week of quilt pieces (the photos only show a few, but there are many of each kind):

These stars are really small!

I think these are for a pickledish quilt.

Is anyone besides me starting to wonder what am I going to do with all these bits and pieces of quilts? LOL

There are 5 of these curtain panels. I love them way too much.
A tablecloth for me instead of Etsy (finally!).
And four boxes of ornaments. I haven't bought four boxes of ornaments in YEARS.

Plus there is a HUGE pile of really good stuff for the Etsy shop. Now if we could just have *one* little warmish day with some sunshine so I could take another 1,000 photos for the shop I would be in business. Hopefully I will remember to do something about that fingerprint...


  1. Those little baskets are awesome and the perfect time of year to find them! And yay for finding a tablecloth for yourself. Although I have no idea how you manage to sell any of them. Sorry, that's the hoarder in me speaking :-)


  2. Not going to make a quilt from all these blocks? I can't say I blame you. I bought some unfinished dresdens, like yours, a few years back. I finally sold them, knowing I would never want to complete someone's project. I love those curtain panels and four boxes of!

  3. My aunt made a quilt with the same star blocks. I got her after she died and that was my favorite. I hand quilted it and it truly is lovely.

  4. Fabulous finds. Glad you were able to find a tablecloth too. I've got Easter on the brain after seeing your baskets.

  5. Man alive, that flea market has been good to you lately!


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