Thursday, February 06, 2014

Frozen thrifting

For the past year and counting my life has been at stress level 10 and counting. The messes, the crying, the diapers, the fighting, the hitting, the biting, the throwing, did I mention the crying and the messes? I start cleaning up messes and diapers and fights at 6 am and die, exhausted, every night at 10 pm still yelling at children to get their asses in beds.

These little two do not ever, not for a minute, play by themselves.

It is ALWAYS something.  Even the little things like how you cannot sit down for 10 seconds and then have to get up and change another diaper or wipe another spill without carrying all of your worldly possessions with you each time. Remotes, phones, ipods, computers, cameras, glasses of water, dishes, shoes, pencils, paper. It doesn't matter what you are trying to *work* on, you should never set it down around here unless it is on top of the fridge. *That* is exhausting.

Oh yea, and Jack has had another 1.5 snow days already this week. And money is preventing me from hiring a babysitter so I can ever have a moment to think.

I burn up dinner because I cannot concentrate on anything right now. Just when I think, oh man! A normal week will be ours this week something else comes up.

I mention this because last week Dave's grandfather died. So on top of the usual crazy I had to spend the week getting us ready to go to a funeral. Rounding up clothes and shoes and socks and a suit for Dave (which I then I had to figure out how to alter when it arrived at the tenth hour). Then the packing and the travelling 4 hours in the car (with Grant complaining the entire time and Sammi puking from carsickness the entire time).  And the best part! Driving home took six hours in an ice storm.

So Tuesday before the snow hit again I was DESPERATE to get out of the house. I am trying to list things on etsy every day and my pile is running low. We left early in the morning and by 11 the snow was flying in earnest.

Winter has to end sometime right? Where my kids can play in the yard and I can sit down for a minute? I am seriously burning out.:/


Today Queen Elsa has graced us with her presence. I broke down and bought this in Target this week. It is darn hard to find anywhere and there is no hope of thrifting one for a long time to come I think. We want to take the kids to the frozen sing along. Maybe this weekend will be quiet enough to fit it in.
Yesterday I made snow ice cream for the kids for the first time.

Jack ate it all up, Sammi ate a teeny bit, Grant enjoyed spooning it more than anything.
The thrift run did not yield much for me (or for etsy really). A herd of old tavern candles (some with slightly melty faces), which I have not decided if I shall keep or not. I dig the angel and the trees and the tiny deer though.
Some small blow molds.
And a hooked rug. It's really lovely. But I was looking for funkier things right now, wasn't I? Its sitting in the laundry room while I try and decide if I want to keep it or not.

The kids are sick. Grant has a seriously runny nose and his skin is so sensitive that even three wipes with a tissue made his upper lip swell up and bleed. And I have a big Ebay problem. I sold a fairly high dollar item (yea, will pay for Sammi's preschool registration) but the paypal address was wrong and Ebay has no way to fix that. Oh yea, and they will not allow you to send email addresses to each other so you can fix it yourselves.

That will turn out well I am sure.


At least its Thursday? (With snow coming Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.) Sob.

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  1. You are having a tough week. Hugs. ( Would you believe me if I told you that you would miss all the hullabaloo some day?)


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