Sunday, February 23, 2014

I see a UFO in my future

 I am an odd duck crafter I think. I have no pile of unfinished projects. I start one and finish that one and then move on to the next one. If I decide it is unworthy I toss it or salvage it for parts.

But this bugger of a quilt is really annoying the crap out of me.
I think I actually despise every quilt at some point during the making progress but this one is earning the most cursing.
A few reasons why:
* I had to mark every single square with three different lines in pencil to get any accuracy. That took me a solid week.
*Ironing. God there is so much ironing required for this pattern.
*The randomness is killing me. I cannot walk away from it and come back to it. To get it "random" everything has to be carefully placed. If I walk away and come back it's all jumbled and I can't remember what I was doing or what piece belongs where and then it is no longer so random. As you can imagine with three kids needing stuff every 2.2 seconds this is really, REALLY a problem.
*The seams and the iron! Because it is "random" you can't iron all the seams one direction on the back. There is no inside or outside or left side or right side and I cannot imagine how it's going to quilt up with the back like that?
*The thread. I am going through spools and spools of thread.
*Given all the seams and all the thread, how much is this bugger going to weigh? Will I even be able to lift it to quilt it? LOL

Despite all of that you can see I have made progress today. I think I doubled it in size? (I still might only be halfway to the finish line though. WHY did I want to make a bigger quilt with this pattern of all things?)

Sammi keeps calling it "a beautiful rainbow", so I guess that counts for something too.

But MAN, oh MAN, I want to toss this into some UFO pile and forget about this plan forever.

I think the only thing stopping me is that I cut up feedsack squares to make it. Sigh.


  1. Keep going! It's great. And you can't turn your back on a beautiful rainbow.

  2. Definitely keep going. It's gorgeous.

  3. Agree with everyone else, it's beautiful. Take a few days off, but definitely stay with it!


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