Sunday, February 02, 2014

The sweetest little things

I was (mindlessly) sorting the valentines for the swap this morning and I went to put one of Tamera's into a box when I thought "gee, that looks like Grant." I stopped and sorted through the box and discovered the sweetest little things!

She made pipe cleaner dolls out of the kids.

Sammi LOVES that she gets to be the queen.
Jack the Jack (of course!).
And a Ginty king.

Aren't they awesome? Thank you so much for those Tamera.
My valentines this year started with some old photo frames I picked up at the flea over the summer.  They had valentine themed sayings printed on them.
I glued a million tiny stars to them (from star shaped glitter), added old Hollywood photos to them (from a deck of old Hollywood trivia cards I have been hoarding since Jack was a toddler), and then added a Denisson seal and a ruffle.
I got really sick of pleating the fabric so most of them have a seam binding ruffle instead. (I thought of using newspapers to go with the "movie star" theme, but I didn't like the newspaper color with them.)

They were fun and I am already wondering what will come my way while junking this summer for next year's swap!

The boxes are almost ready to go, still waiting on two to arrive. This year's Valentines are REALLY super, you are going to L O V E them with all your heart I think! :-)


  1. I am so glad you like them!! I thought of using a queen card for Sammi's but went with the dress as she is such a girly-girl and NEEDS lace and ruffles and a bow. And a tiara!!!

  2. What treasures those ornaments are of your kiddos! Well done. Looks like a fabulous swap is in store this year!

  3. Those kid valentines are adorable. Looking forward to seeing all the creations - yours came out great.

  4. How sweet are those ornaments? Great idea, Tamera!


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