Friday, March 21, 2014

Food, Frozen, Flying Geese, Frustrations & Fabric

I bought myself 6 yards of this fabric on Ebay. The seller thinks it might be 1970s Liberty Lawn.  (It's not marked though.) It is SO, SO lovely and light.
 I bought it with the idea of making a really super soft, lightweight, wholecloth quilt.
 Is there a batting that is really thin and light that isn't poly? Warm and natural is too heavy for what I have in mind and I think I might need to internet order some.

Speaking of internet ordering - we are members of the Disney movie club. We ordered Frozen through them. I paid for that movie more than two weeks ago. Everyone in the free world has had it since Tuesday. Us?

I am so mad about that actually. We paid a premium price for it through them and my kids are DYING for it to get here. I cannot watch Let it Go on Youtube one more day of my life. WTF Disney Movie Club????
 I am two days away from having the quilting done on the flying geese quilt. It is so heavy (all those seams!) that I can only quilt six rows a day before my shoulders start to complain.

It also only takes about six rows before I get so sick of arguing with my sewing machine.

I did something completely unlike me and went on Ebay and bought myself a Bernina 440QE.

Oh yes I did. Just like that. I am driving the huskystar into the ground doing all this heavy quilting on a machine that is not made for it and the poor thing gets more broken and awful with every day.
My poor Ginty  is SO frustrated right now. He is really having communication DRAMA. He wants me to know things, lots of things! and he is having epic tantrums over my not understanding these very important things. 

His receptive language has really exploded the last two weeks. He has started getting his shoes and his jacket to go bye bye. He has started putting his dishes in the sink. He has started occasionally telling me he "want that." But oh boy. The drama. I am regretting not teaching him any sign language like I did with the other two.

One thing he has no drama over is food. It's funny how with Jack I was completely insane about what he ate. I exposed him to all these great healthy things ever so slowly to be sure of allergies. I strictly forbade candies and all that crap.  Sammi has always been a pretty picky eater (I think she has texture aversions.) But this boy? He eats food man. Any food really. Lentils? Yes please! Today he already eaten his lunch when he spotted me eating mine. He came right over and discovered I had honey mustard. So he dipped everything on my plate in the stuff (even the berries) and ate it ALL. The entire plate.

And yes, I let him eat whatever he pleases. My days of caring about a lollipop are long gone. Sorry Jack. (I am sure now I deprived you for no good reason. LOL)

So, that's what is news here.

Other than my pondering taking the kids to the circus tomorrow. Jack is asking to go so I think we will do it. I am sort of against circuses because I am not so sure it's the right thing to do in terms of animal rights, but see the above lollipop nonsense. I should just let the kids enjoy the circus once or twice and get on with my life.

Right?  :-)

Thank goodness it's Friday! Happy day to you all.


  1. my mom used a flannel sheet as batting for thin quilts. I plan to do the same one day

  2. I used a bamboo batting for a baby quilt recently and it is heavenly! Lightweight, soft and was a pure joy to sew on.


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