Tuesday, March 11, 2014


It's warm here! Okay, today its downright hot. The kids are red faced and sweating and smeared in sunscreen and complaining that they cannot be outside another single minute. 80+ degrees today and snow tomorrow. Hello life in the 'Lou.

We've been outside.

A lot.

All day, every day.
Grant has figured out how to climb the playhouse ladder and go down the slide, wheeeee! (This is a serious accomplishment for the boy who has really only started walking full time the last two weeks and is still quite wobbly at that.)
Sammi keeps finding "coconuts!", aka acorns, all over the yard.
Dave added a step to the back of the house for me. I cannot get up that giant step (especially while holding a kid) without hanging on to the door frame and hefting us all up the mountain.  My arthritis feels pretty okay lately, but there are definitely some life adjustments.
Sammi has moved up from the trike to a toddler bike and is actually able to pedal now.  That girl of mine is super athletic compared to my boys.
The concrete has been poured and that step is curing. Hopefully we can get a move on the other one here soon. 

Despite having completely remodeled the house less than 5 years ago the list of house projects just piles up man!


  1. Wow! 80 degrees! That doesn't seem possible. I can't wait to hide the snowpants.

  2. Can't believe the squirrels haven't found all those "coconuts!" We had a nice day on Monday, too. Not as nice as yours, but I didn't even wear a coat...it was sooo wonderful!


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