Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Around the house

Around here:

The kids are playing "doctor station" a lot.
Until this starts to happen.
I hung up more quilt tops as curtains, this time in my sewing room.

And yes, this is pretty much as clean as that space gets.  I LOVE being in what used to be my grandparent's dining room because it is right in the heart of the house. What I do not love is not having a closet in that room.

I did a HUGE clean out of our entire house before my in laws arrived and carted a truck load (and then some) of stuff to the Goodwill.  That included cleaning off a HUGE amount of fabric from my shelves (which is due to hit my etsy shop here as soon as I get it all photographed). So that green cabinet is still holding the overflow. :/
When Grant was a newborn I bought myself a new antique cast iron sink off Craigslist for the laundry room. We had one of those deep plastic modern laundry sinks and I hated that thing. I could NEVER get it clean. Sadly, my new sink sat in the garage for 18 months. One of the days my dad was here helping with my never ending roof saga he started installing it for me.

I LOVE it. It was a serious pain to make work with even a reproduction faucet* (lesson learned, you need parts from the old faucet to make it easy). I still need to decide if I want a skirt on it or to paint the outside (I am learning towards paint - blue). It needs other finessing stuff too - moving the towel bar, etc. But for now I am just happy it is up!
While I was going crazy fixing, cleaning and organizing ALL THE THINGS I finally replaced the play kitchen faucet too. The kids broke the plastic one off in short order. Jen (who does not get nearly enough credit for that play kitchen idea) helped me sort out that a wooden letter is the easiest way to replace those faucets after searching endlessly for a cheap, small real faucet (nowhere to be found).

*Those repro faucets are expensive and not easy to find. You aren't just going to walk into Lowes and pick one up, just in case you think you need an antique laundry sink. :-)


  1. I bought an old turquoise sink at a show last year and remodeled my laundry room around it. But it sat for months while I hunted down an old faucet. Luckily, my husband was putting a heating system into an old house that was being demoed and they gave him the old faucet that had been in the kitchen since the 50's. Lucky break! I love your sink! I am on the hunt for one for the kitchen now.


  2. Thanks for the heads up on the sink. It looks great! Sure you don't want a skirt? Fabric display + place to stash things?

  3. LOVE the bathroom sink! Happy Easter to you and your family!


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