Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter decorations

I wasn't sure I was going to put up any Easter decorations this year with everything else going on, but I went ahead and did four little areas.
Our little nature shelf;
(Thrifted this duckling yesterday, her head had been cracked off at some point and right now I do not buy anything damaged but there is something so charming about her.)

The mantle;

The top of the china cabinet;
And the foyer tree.
Jack made me animal eggs this year (thrifted but it was a kit from Target last year).
What does the fox....argh!

I love this tree more and more each year.  :-)

We are nearly ready for the bunny and church and ear photos, just in the nick of time!


  1. Those sparkly eggs on your mantel in the vases make me feel swoony. Are they foil or glitter? Love them!

  2. Our trees are very, very much alike. :)

  3. Bet the kids love it. The sparkly eggs in the milk glass are great..mine are all in a big container with old bunnies, but love the white and the pop of color. Looks great! Happy Easter.

  4. So for someone who wasn't going to get out the Easter decorations, you did an AMAZING job! I love that tree so much but my favorite are those sweet little jackets on the old window. What a great idea!

    Happy Easter to all of you~


  5. Your decorations are just wonderful. I especially love the eggs in the milk glass vases. You really do have a wonderful collection. So much for not putting out much. Happy Easter!


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