Monday, April 14, 2014

Hello again Easter Bunny

Unlike Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and I do NOT have a great history. That rabbit is persnickety and prone to being late, taking odd breaks, and just generally being undependable.  If you have been reading here forever you might remember one year when Jack was three he spent two hours rolling on the floor of the mall because the bunny had car troubles or something and was not there as promised.


This year was pretty easy aside from having to rush like a maniac to get to the mall before 5 pm after Jack got off the bus. We literally RAN through the mall to arrive at like 4 56.

But it's all good. The kids are clean, we made it, they are sort of color coordinated, Grant did NOT scream, and that part of Easter is over again until next year!


  1. That bunny can be a little scary so way to go Grant for not freaking out!


  2. I'm super impressed. Adorable picture. We attempted the bunny this year. We hadn't seen him since Josie first came home from China six years ago.


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