Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The 2014 bunnies for the kids

I  had not even started the bunnies for the kid's Easter baskets before Dave's parents arrived, but managed to get them all done while they were visiting. (Sitting and talking is a good time to stuff and embroider!)

This year:

Peeps for Jack, who loves peeps and has been asking for them every time he sees them since right after Christmas this year;
a HUGE purple egg bunny for Sammi (I used Wee Wonderfuls free Wee pattern and added ears);
and a chocolate bunny made from the most annoying sateen fabric for Grant (he looks like he has a stomach tumor here, hmmmm).
My brother adopted a blind dog. I was really nervous that the dog would be snippy around very unpredictable toddlers since he cannot see, but actually he is very, very good with the kids. My kids, however, were totally CONVINCED he was a baby eating monster the first two times they saw him. Yesterday they decided they love him and spent much of the afternoon petting him (while wearing their dandies as capes, of course).
Last, but not least, look at what I thrifted this morning! This one is shop destined. I think. I wouldn't say brown is my thing, but I am getting rather attached to it.


  1. You sewed Peeps! They're kind of hilarious. :)

    Can't believe you thrifted that beauty. Your quilt-finding mojo is unmatched!

  2. Those Peeps are amazing! It's a good thing Jack is older otherwise he might try and eat them :-)


  3. Great job on all the Easter stuffies. And seriously, I would never find an exquisite quilt like that. You have the mojo.

    Love the sweet doggie story. My little guy is going blind and he has adapted so well. We should take lessons in how to deal with things we cannot avoid. :)

  4. Your kids are so cute. And I adore that quilt!


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