Saturday, April 19, 2014

The annual ears photos

 The kids were WAY over due for a group portrait at the mall, so I took them yesterday. I already had matching Easter outfits for tomorrow, let's kill a few birds with that lucky stone, eh?

 I had the brilliant idea to take their ears along since they would already be in their Easter outfits and not be all sugared up and crazy. Besides, the ear tradition started with a baby Jack and a whim in that photo studio.
 Oh but they acted crazy anyway.
 It turns out it was a damn good thing I took the ears along because yesterday afternoon Grant's face had a big run in with the concrete. His nose, his lips, his chin. All bloodied, bruised and swollen.  And when it happened he was stumbling around the yard bleeding everywhere and screaming and I was running* because he was like a baby zombie.

Then I nearly threw up. It's so bad.
 Sometimes I am glad I listen to that instinct.
 Some days I am happy to survive.

Oy. (I still feel a little sick just thinking about it. I will still attempt ear photos here at home because it's tradition, but oh boy.)
 We also dyed the eggs yesterday.
 While wearing our pumpkin Halloween costumes.
What? You don't do that?

Man, I love these kids so damn much.

Every day is an adventure around here.

*I do not run. I have instructed the children to call the police any time they see me running.


  1. Those pictures are beyond precious. And Sammi in her pumpkin costume? Priceless :-)


  2. Ha! The second I saw her in her pumpkin costume I thought "Oh that's so her"! LOL Soooo cute!
    I'm sorry about Grant's face and the concrete! I bet you were so scared. Let me know if you want me to try and fix some of the pictures. I've had success with some, but can't promise anything. I'd try though!
    Hope you've been feeling well. I'm so happy to see that your Etsy shop is going great and that you're doing so much sewing!
    Erica :)

  3. Ok I'm back! I just "stole" one of the pics of the kids and worked with it. Sending it to you now and then you can compare the before and after. Let me know if you want me to do the others!
    Erica :)


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