Sunday, May 04, 2014

Flea Market Sundays

Oh hai! I made a flea market Sunday post on a Sunday!

It's warm here again and yesterday every.single.neighborhood in town was having their subdivision garage sale, plus town wide sales, church sales, etc. I have been a busy junking bee!
A chenille spread. I swore off buying these because I had so many.  They are good sellers on Etsy, but I have too much in this one for resale.
That's okay though because yellow polka dots for the win!
Honestly this picture does nothing for this quilt. I am not sure if the "ruffling" was intentional or not (It was machine sewn and the stitches do look fairly even) but the polka dots, the ruching, and the three little pigs! I die. It is in rough condition and frankly could use a gentle wash but I am sitting on that for awhile to see if I think it would survive given the condition.

Actually, now that I am sitting here thinking about it, the batting is a felted wool blanket. Maybe the blanket felted after it was sewn and that's why it's ruched? Things to ponder. Either way, in my experience it is NEVER worth it to try and take one of these apart. They just get ruined. And this? WAY TOO AWESOME TO RUIN!

I bought two more of these child guidance boards from the sweetest old couple. There are a TON of magnets with them.  The sweet lady told me her kids had played with them so I let her know that now my kids will play with them! To the chalkboard wall they go.  (Also, kid and animal magnets? for the win again baby.)

Ornaments and a tree topper.
These are plastic but these are the most awesome plastic ornaments EVER.

Thinking of what kind of craft to use these quinties in.
And crazy about that bug those birds are about to eat on these quilt blocks.

There was more. Some for me, some for the shop, but I started to think I was going to die while taking photos from headache and heat and sheer exhaustion (I cannot seem to sleep past 5 am), so a lie down was suddenly immediately necessary.

No matter though, this was an excellent start to the real beginning of junk season around here.

Happy Sunday to you!


  1. You did really well! Love those quinties pieces and that yellow polka dot bedspread. High five on this score....

  2. Those plastic ornaments are the best! I've never seen anything like them.

    Doesn't this time of year just make you count down the days until the weekend?



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