Friday, May 02, 2014

Grant 19 months

 I am working on a new quilt and yesterday I went to the back door after dinner to unwind my bobbin (oopps! missed a winding step on "Bernadette"*, the new Bernina) to discover Grant running around with a ball glove trying to catch a ball.

I melted.
 This boy! I die. He is so full of personality.
 Last weekend he hit the 19 month mark.
 I can hardly believe he will be two come September.
At 19 months you are:
*Suddenly (overnight suddenly) TOTALLY into the bathtub. After months and months of screaming as if we were killing you, you are happy to play  in there a long time.
*Still obsessed with wires, cords, plugs, electronics, gadgets, tools, buttons, remotes
*LOVE swinging
*Saying things like stuck, woof woof (For dogs AND birds), uh huh, yea, why, what, want it, mine, "deeeeeeeee" when you see Daddy and more
*Sleeping through the night (surely I have cursed us by saying it out loud) but waking around 5 15 every day
*A total lap sitter. All the live long day.
*Starting to sit and listen to books
*Learning to throw trash away and put your dishes in the sink
*A fairly good listener and not too shabby at following directions
*Fighting like a feral cat with your sister
*DESPERATE to tell us things. Apparently these are important things because holy smokes do you FREAK OUT over frustration (hello turning purple and screaming and shaking while unable to get a trash can to do what you want it to do
*My little shadow - following me everywhere
*Starting to enjoy trains "choo choo!"
*Showing that you might very well have the crazy memory - we were a full block away from the train station downtown and you started saying choo choo! choo choo! How do you remember the train station is there?
*Curious. You want to know how EVERYTHING works
*Lovey. We sit in bed for 30 minutes at the crack of dawn together and hold hands and watch the news while we lay under the covers. Just you and me kid for those few minutes. :-)
*Determined to be one of the herd like the other kids which means trying to run! and play just like they do
*Eater of all the things. For real.
*A gum chewer! I know right? You got a piece out of the pantry without my noticing and when I did notice I was driving on the highway. Turns out you will actually just chew the gum for as long as you want then throw it away. I couldn't have been more shocked by that. (And no one tell Jack as he wasn't allowed gum until he was five.)
*Extraordinary in every way my little Ginty we-do!

Love you baby,


  1. Anonymous12:56 AM

    Awwww he is just a sweetheart. And YES keep sleeping through the night clever boy!

  2. LOVE the 'Lovey' part - missing that so much from my son (now 12) and eat it up when Reese does this still at the ripe ol' age of 6! Also have to say that I kick myself when I see your fleamarket finds b/c I go to the very same one on the very same day & do not find such lovely things AND I got up at 6am on a Sunday to find nothing! I need to acquire your 'eye for things'!


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