Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hapde Mudder Day

"Is it your mudder day?"  Sammi keeps asking me.  My kids, man my kids, they are not at their greatest today. It's been a long, tear filled day already.

I have been thinking that on Mother's day I should try to record what mothering is for me in this year of the journey.

This year on Mother's day I am:
A taxi driver (preschool, math club, science club, play dates)
A mouthpiece for Jackson in the battle to academically advance a grade
A butt wiper times two
A chef
A maid
A laundry woman (at least 2 loads a day)
A librarian
A soother of many wild toddler tantrums
A kisser
A band aid put'er on'er
A finder of all the lost tiny treasures toddlers most tote around constantly
A tooth brusher (times two)
A dresser
A shoe tie'er
A question answerer
An art teacher
A preschool teacher of letters, numbers, colors, animal sounds and more
Okay, really, a teacher of ALL THE THINGS for these kids right now :-)
An organizer
An interpreter of toddler speak
An interpreter of awkward 9 year old speak
A family therapist
A question answerer
A remote control (come on and learn how to work that thing already Samantha!)
Mom (Jack), mommy (Sam) and ma (Grant)!
A 24 hour giver of attention, bottles, etc. (That could stop soon please)

A mother of many and yet a mother of few

This year Grant sat himself right  down with the other two, smiled and said cheese! for the photo.  Things are smoothing into a groove. It's a weird place to be in in a way - done and yet not even close to done. I feel a tiny bit of sorrow when I see new babies or pregnant women, but I feel a lot of joy knowing that my kids are growing up and we are moving beyond what has been some very hard mothering this past year. I can take the little people places much more easily now that everyone walks and can hold hands. Yet, they are so crazy I am just as happy to stay home.

Happy Mudder Day to me! 

P.S.  I still look at all three of them when they are together with complete awe and wonder that I managed to make them all. It deserves a Mary Tyler Moore hat in the air, looks like we made it after all moment every.single.time.  :-)


  1. I love your postscript! Your kids are so cute-love their little cheeks. I hope things continue to improve and your health situation improves as well. Happy Mothers Day!

  2. I love your PS too. :) Someday we will look back on these little-kid days with fondness. Maybe. ;)


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