Friday, May 09, 2014

That thing I couldn't bring myself to do

It's consignment sale time again.

Twice a year I sell the kids outgrown clothes there and buy them new clothes.  This year the sale is really too late to be useful for buying, but I am saving up to buy something that Dave wants, so I might as well sell some of their outgrown things.

Sometimes I just sell pajamas and nothing else. They are good sellers, easy to prep and price and we have loads of them with three kids.

Grant has finally outgrown the last of Jack's baby pajamas.

I threw them in the "to consign" bag but when I started hanging and pricing yesterday I COULD NOT DO IT.

These pajamas taunted me from the basement of the old house. I could  barely stand to look at them. I thought I had kept them for nothing, another child would never wear them, I cried over them, I debated the sense in moving them to this house, and on and on.

Eventually Sammi arrived. She didn't wear them much because I was totally on board with ALL THE GIRL THINGS by the time she was this size, but she wore them.

Back into the basement they went when she outgrew them, but with different hopes this time. This time I felt much more confident about a third child. I knew they would just wait down there with no taunting.

Then my last little redheaded boy arrived and grew and grew (oh so big) and he wore them too.

Now we are done with them.

In theory this is totally cool with me. But the other day I had this heart clenching moment in a place Jack and I always used to go when it was just him and I, when he was a little thing, and I realized all at once how grown he is right now.

So even though I had already held back half the stack of these pjs in the special box in the basement I find I am totally unable to sell any of them.

None. Not a single pair.

I don't have any idea what I will do with them, but I know that with my biggest boy at 9.5 (halfway to grown!) there is no way on earth I can make myself part with them right  now.

They are still filled with hopes and dreams, but of a totally different sort now.

So back to the basement they go.


  1. I know just how you feel. My youngest is 9.5 ( & as I was kind of ,well, ummm,older) when he came along I know there is no way that any more babies will be born to me. I still have quite a few of those small sized/ special memories clothes in my basement, too. I keep thinking that by the time my kids have kids I will have long since needed to down size homes, so why am I keeping them now... but every time I try to part with them I end up with them being packed back into storage in the basement. Just for the record I don't hoard other stuff & this is 2 file boxes of clothes.

  2. Anonymous3:46 PM

    I have a small storage tub with stuff that I just can't bear to sell, maybe ever. Half of it she never wore because she was born too big and sick and in summer but the memories attached to those things...some things just are too meaningful to give to other homes. Can you do something with them like a memory quilt or too precious to cut into?

  3. My girl moved her dolls out of her room last week. I found myself putting her American Girl Doll back with the excuse of her wardrobe & kitty kats were still in her room, so therefore she needed to be in there. I may have hidden her among the stuffed animals. So a few jammies, I get it. Our mama hearts are tender things.


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