Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day

I am LAME. Totally LAME. The father's day gift I ordered never arrived.  When I was in the store, with the children, ON FATHER'S DAY, and I still forgot to buy a damn card. I didn't have the kids make anything. I just cannot get my shit together right now.
Dave wanted to go to the small town baseball game. So we went. It was hotter than hades. Sammi got trampled by some dude before we even sat down and was bleeding. Grant pooped and I had no diaper wipes. There was no a/c in the toilets. It was dinner time and the littlest two would not eat before we left.  There was no shade to sit in. The kids kept climbing on the bleachers on the cement and I was sure they were going to end up in the ER.  We didn't stay long. :/

This morning I woke up and tried to get my crap together. We took the annual dad photo.

We bought the last of the cards in Target.
We made presents. These are a pinterest idea for "you rock dad", portraits of him on rocks. (Errr, chunks of cement from the street repair since we didn't have rocks.)

Hopefully the gift I ordered will show up today.

My lameness is in no way reflective of Dave's fathering.

We love you Dear. xoxox


  1. We got no cards or gift either. It somehow got lost in the shuffle.

    We did however, spend the day on the river with my husband, per his request. I packed a picnic lunch, including several bags of potato chips and those 'blue sodas' (beers) he's so fond of. He said it was a perfect Father's Day, so there you go.

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  3. Those rocks are hysterical! It is so funny to see how our kids perceive us.

    I ordered Brian's gifts a few weeks ago, then forgot it was Fathers Day until Maddie reminded me. Then I couldn't find where I stashed the gifts. Once I found them, I realized I didn't have anything to wrap them in. So we just handed him the shipping boxes. Aren't we awesome?


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