Sunday, June 29, 2014

Flea Market Sunday

Here's my pitiful work for THREE days worth of junking, LOL.

A vintage hong kong beaded purse that is actually quite pink. I usually pass these by because I have several and well, aside from carrying one when we got married, they aren't getting used.
I already had a few that I had bought many years ago (not shown here) and then this winter I kept picking them up at the thrift. Quite an accidental collection! Maybe I will start paying more attention to them. I keep thinking Sammi might use them when she gets to the formal dance age, but who the hell knows what she will like then.
The silver one is really quite intricate.
Five strands of red glass garland, destined for the fourth of july tree.
The beads on the right remind me of firecrackers.  I was at a church sale on Friday and was just disgusted because I had already been to at least 5 sales and bought NOTHING.  I resigned myself to digging through the kids clothes and filled up my arms with clothes when I heard a woman say "oh look, there is a holiday room, I didn't see that".  Wellllllllll, neither did I. Thanks lady!  These were really well hidden under a table, but I can spot this stuff from 20 paces.
There was a pair of Gurley pilgrims hiding in there. I *did* put out turkeys this year, so I grabbed them.
A whole hike around the flea this morning with one VERY whiny three year old netted me six pillowcases.
They are still in their original packaging and are as lovely as can be. They were pretty pricey for pillowcases, but since I had bought nothing else...
and this card fell out of the blue ones, there was no way I was leaving them behind.
A wedding gift for sure.

I googled the giver's name and she lived not far from here.  Born in 1867 (!) and died when she was 100 in 1966.  Totally cool.

Let's see - 1 thrift store, 1 flea market, and 6 yard sales yielded 2 candles, 6 pillowcases, one handbag and 5 strands of garland. I miss having a decent flea market man.  It's high summer and wanderlust is starting to take over my brain. :-)

Happy Sunday to you!


  1. Not high in quantity, but those finds are high in quality! Unused pillowcases! Figural glass beads (so much harder to find)! Gurleys! And that gorgeous purse! Your collection is so, so pretty. I wonder if they would be good etsy sellers if you decided not to keep them? They really are lovely, especially en masse.

  2. Great find on the unused pillowcases and bonus with that note. At least you did not have an empty handed weekend!

  3. I am obsessed with those pillowcases. Or any vintage pillowcase for that matter! I also justify spending more on something if I haven't bought anything else. Totally normal, Sarah!



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