Thursday, June 12, 2014

I went back for it

It's raining here. A lot. Every day. Endlessly.  Yesterday I ever so gracefully fell down our back steps stumbling over my shoes/grant's shoes/the dog and really WHACKED my head on the way down.  Turns out I really whacked my back out of joint too.  We haven't gone on a vacation in two years (the thought with these kids right now is just too overwhelming). I am sick of this house. I need some adventure. We used to go do things! Exciting things!  I never did find a babysitter (And yes, I promise you, I tried everything else you are still going to suggest). 
So that's life here. 
Our flea market is total crap this year again.  It's not helping my mood really. It's summer, I should be picking. Instead  I have a crap flea market and no baby sitter so I can garage sale.
Going back for the wrapping paper was a no brainer really given all that, eh?
Pretty sure most of this is from the 1940s based on the colors and style of the prints.

 There are still a lot of seals and stamps on the paper which was used in place of tape.

 Patriotic Santas. I had to go back for it. You see why now, right?

It all feels painted on the paper, like old wallpaper feels.

There you have it. Life here. And some old wrapping paper. :-)


  1. You got an awesome haul!! The red white and blue papers are world war 2 Era definitely.
    I feel for you being housebound. I am stuck at home due to a back injury and I am slowly losing my mind....

  2. I so wish I could help you out in the babysitting department. If we lived by each other, I'd ship Maddie over there!

    So, the wrapping is amazing. That has got to help your mood just a little bit, right?


  3. Thank you for giving me hours of enjoyment! Your blogs are interesting, beautiful and exciting.

  4. That wrapping paper is amazing! Sorry you had such shitty luck at the garage sales. I won't go to them anymore. It's just all new stuff, and a big waste of time. Luckily though, our estate sales and flea markets are really good. I'm sorry...sounds like yours aren't huh?
    Yes, you really do need a vacation and some fun! You're one of the hardest working girls I know. Hope you find a baby sitter or some way to make it happen!
    Erica :)


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