Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pinterest is most useful for...

Pinterest is good for wasting time, but perhaps not much else.  Unless that something else is coming up with wreath ideas. It rocks for that.

I really want to make the one with the bike rim, but it's going to take me awhile to come up with a rim.

So I went with patriotic pinwheels.
Actually I was going to use all big shiny pinwheels, but I fell in mad love with the red and aqua ones from oriental trading. Using one shiny one as the *bow* is not my favorite, but I had nothing else on hand that worked as the bow, so I went with it.

I am not sure about the longevity of the paper pinwheels in the humidity, but maybe by then I will have come up with a bike rim.

Speaking of coming up with things - I have been trying and trying and trying for a few weeks now to get a babysitter for the kids and I am failing miserably. I need a serious mental break from them four hours a week and a certain care dot freaking com website has failed to yield a babysitter after giving them money and wasting much time. I have exhausted every other resource you are all about to recommend and desperation is setting in.  I have only had NINE child free hours in the last ten months and mentally it's just too much.

I really need a plan. Stat. Sigh.


  1. LOVE the pinwheel wreath and I agree on pinterest - it's not good for anything but a time suck. I don't like how I had to add a button to my browser in order to pin anything new to it either. Definitely over it.

    Are there any neighborhood teens you could tap? Growing up, I was often left with a tag team of girls and these days my daughter and some of her pals will often pair up to stay with some of the younger kids in the neighborhood. Currently, she hangs out with the 20 month old twins across the street in the sandbox for an hour or so a few afternoons a week, giving their mom a break. Something to consider perhaps?

  2. If we lived closer, Emma would be an option. She's got a bunch of babysitting gigs this summer. I wonder if the local high schools have a job board? Our University also advertises in the College of Education for summer babysitting jobs. Do you have any colleges nearby that offer Education programs?

  3. Forgot to say how much I love the idea of your pinwheel wreath too. It's pretty fabulous. Love the teal with the patriotic colors.

  4. Check out your local YMCA for summer programs for the kids.


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