Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Thrifty Tuesday

Since I have still not found a baby sitter for the summer (I have a promising lead from a friend coming tomorrow, here's hoping she works out!) Dave and I worked out a plan for him to use some vacation time to this summer every other week to stay home one day with the kids. On the in between weeks I made a plan to make sure I get out of dodge on Saturday mornings.  I was really excited this past Saturday because I had a whole list of promising yard sales mapped out.  I set out at oh dark thirty (6 am) with treasure on my mind.

And then reality. Yard sale number one did not exist. At all. Number two was exactly as advertised - rolled up, grabbed the thing I had spotted in the ad, paid and went on my way. Number three had listed a vague address. I found two yard sales on that street, neither of which were even close to the ad.  Number four turned out to be antique dealers with antique store prices (hello $85 quilts).  Number five was HUGE and as expected, but eh, held nothing for me other than two of the things below.

A big bust really. I wanted to gnash my terrible teeth and wail a terrible cry about WHERE HAS ALL THE GOOD JUNK GONE???

Instead I came home and ate bacon. Heh.

I bought this old sleeping bag for a dollar. I was thinking I would sell it, but it turns out at the baseball game I realized we desperately need to keep a blanket in the van, so in the van it went.
Patriotic shiny brites. I need to get up a red, white and blue tree.

This is what I spotted in ad two and went right for.  An Italian tole chandelier. It's going to replace my dining room chandelier.
It's hot and our pool has the stupidest hours (noon to five! What? Who can swim then?). I thought the kids might want to play in the hose and "wash" the milk cooler. Instead they fought a lot, I washed the cooler and Sammi tried to swim in it.
Oh, to be small enough to swim in a cooler! While wearing your "whipstick" and your "croakadile" shorts of course.
I decided we need something to do every day, so I came up with a teeny, tiny plan. A plan that does not require going any place.  Make it Mondays, Taste it Tuesdays, Get wet Wednesdays (slightly better pool hours that day), and I am still undecided about Thursday and Friday. Maybe find a book Fridays with a trip to the library. That doesn't make me want to die if it is short enough. LOL
Alright off with me. Grant colored ALL OVER THE WHITE COUCHES with prismacolor pencils so I am in laundry saving mode while making pretzels for Taste it Tuesdays. :-)

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  1. Love the photos of Sammi & Grant in the cooler. They almost look like they are getting along :-)

    Stay sane, Sarah.



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