Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Finally Finished - red riding hood quilt

 The best thing I can say about this quilt is that its a good thing I was just making it to get to know my new Bernina.  If I had invested a lot of time, or thought, or money, I would be even more disappointed.
 (I tried a blind hem stitch on the back of the binding because I didn't want to invest the time to hand sew on the hand binding.)

I haven't had this many puckers or problems since my first or second quilt.  It appears that the basting pattern I used with the Husqvarna is simply not tight enough for the bernina. Also, when I stop sewing and attempt to shift the weight of the quilt in anyway the presser foot (or feed dogs, not sure which yet) is not engaged as tightly which causes the whole quilt to shift.
So I have to think about how to solve these problems. Due to my arthritis I am unable to baste on the floor, so I am cooking some ideas on basting at a working height that will give me a tighter baste. (Right now I use our bed, which was totally working, but obviously not on this machine). I also need a place where I can baste in spurts, because I won't be able to do something like stand on the basement floor in the playroom for 5 hours basting.

Anyway, it's done, I don't love it, but I am glad I did it. I do not want this to happen to the coin quilt I am working on now!


  1. I just want to start by saying I love reading your blog. Your kids are so cute!
    Have you tried the 505 spray for basting? I do it on my kitchen table and it takes less than an hour. I also don't have small children around so don't worry about the fumes(they don't seem bad to me). I don't know if that would be a problem.

  2. I second the spray baste suggestion. No way am I spending hours hand basting! My sister & I will put together 2 or 3 quilts in an hour, then we both have projects ready when we are! I sprayed inside once, and was cleaning residue from the baseboards for a month! I like the driveway with an old king flat sheet to keep things reasonably clean.

  3. I was going to ask about the spray too. It was hard trying to get the fabric straight but I imagine easier than just pins. I've only done one baby quilt.


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