Sunday, July 20, 2014

Flea Market Sundays

I actually bought a TON of stuff this week if you are counting pieces. And 98% of it is shop bound, better get busy then, eh?
I bought close to 40 of these beaded patches. Hand made in Japan with heavy glass beads they are amazing little works of art. I am particularly in love with that spider, but there are also butterflies and squirrels and flowers and all sorts of wonderous things.

It's almost Christmas in July! I am still on a quest to find enough of these birds to fill a tree, but they are pricy little buggers.
I probably would have left these behind...
but the snow white fabric had me at go.
Right now this is perhaps the ugliest quilt top EVER.
The feedsack squares are worth saving though. (Why cut them all up only to resew them like this? The mind boggles.)
This has never been used. I haven't plugged it in to see if it works yet though. I have an aluminum tree with no stand, this should work nicely. (Even if I don't plug it in).
Choo Choo! I love this Fisher Price train even though it needs a back wheel on the locomotive. I am hoping Dave can fix it for Grant, who is very into choo-choo right now.

Love the pink and green.
I bought a HUGE box lot of linens that I gave a little peek of on facebook yesterday. (Are you following Makin' Projiks there yet?)  239 pieces!  I only kept a few for myself including this sweet round polka dot tablecloth.
An awesome apron.
The handwork on this is AMAZING.
And this too. These are whisper thin with amazing needlework.
Do you see the butterflies?
These are the finest doilies I have ever seen...

So, not a bad junk weekend and not going to be bad for my shop customers either. (If these kids ever go back to school! LOL)

Happy Sunday to you.


  1. Great finds! Love the beaded pieces.

  2. Those beaded pieces are definitely swoon worthy.

  3. I have quite a few of those mica birds but only in pink and blue, no green. They are pretty hard to find around here and when you do, they are super expensive. Luckily I have found most of mine at the flea market too.

    Glad you found so much fabric!



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