Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Grant 21 months

Ginty boy turned 21 months old last week.

At 21 months he is:

*OBSESSED with all things with cords. Lord help you if you try and remove something with a cord from his hand.
*Obsessed with how things work.
*Still putting his ear to everything trying to figure out what makes it all tick.
*My best eating kid ever. From lentils to ranch dressing, if he sees me eating it, he will EAT IT.
*Funny and with the best giggle.
*Counting - one, two, eight, seven, twelve
*Interested in reading books together
*Loves tooth brushing
*Loves hair brushing even more, especially brushing other people's hair
*Starting to try putting on his own shoes and seatbelts and clothes
*Starting to pay some attention to the tv
*Totally into being part of the herd - if they are doing it, so is he
*Asking to go "buh bye" all the time. With "choos"
*Getting quite the vocabulary - yes, please, thank you, where's Jack, where are you? buh bye, shoes, dog, woof woof, milk, ba ba, nite nite, book, hot, and many more
*Carrying around a "dinny" non stop (just like Jack)
*Still getting a bottle at night. And sometimes getting the bottle out of the fridge and wandering around with it.
*Starting to help with chores - putting things away, throwing things away, wiping up spills
*INTENSE. When he wants it, he wants it and he wants it NOW.
*My lovey. He likes to sit on my lap and pet my arm or my leg.
*Still a darn big boy, I moved him into 3T stuff this week
*Totally NOT a fan of daredevil things like carnival rides. At least not without Sammi.
*Samantha's partner in crime
*Into everything. EVERY SINGLE THING. ALL THE THINGS. Leaves no stone unturned.
*Into coloring on everything. All the walls, the furniture. We are no longer allowed to have anything to write with in our house
*And the best one - yesterday I was going to wipe Sammi in the bathroom and when I arrived I found him standing there trying to wipe her bottom. LOL  I am telling you, he watches everything and learns how everything is working and he wants to do it all and now. (He loves flushing that toilet too, Over and over and over and over. While you are sitting on it.)

Love you sweet boy, keep marching littlest dude. :-)

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  1. Helping Sammi in the bathroom is just about the cutest dang thing I've ever heard. What a sweet boy and a big helper. What was Sammi's reaction?

    Have an awesome 4th, Sarah!



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