Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Grant, 22 months

 I am a few days early, but it felt like time to take a blogging breaking from making things and buying things for some kid cute.
 Two months away from two, Grant is at one of the best ages right now.
 Funny and giggly and becoming independent.
 Helpful and sweet and curious.
A little bit bashful, a little bit bold.

Saying all the sweet things like "nigh nigh", and "knee"(his security blanket) and "button, button" (still loves pushing buttons) and "teef" and "mama!" and "chews" (shoes) and "no diaper!". Counting to three, running to keep up with the others, pretend playing with cars and trains.

Honestly I would like to just bottle him up right this very minute (before the big tantrums and sassing set in). :)

xoxox Sweet boy.

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  1. Can he get any freaking cuter?! That boy makes me smile :-)



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