Saturday, July 12, 2014

Made it in a minute - berry lightbulb ornaments

I took down the fourth of July decorations yesterday and asked the kids what we should put on our Christmas in July tree this year.  Sammi suggested "balentines" (aka Valentines).  Jack suggested nothing.  I like to do something summery. In the past we have done birds, bugs, butterflies, umbrellas and generic "fruit".

I went and had a dig around my craft room and came up with a bunch of Martha Stewart Strawberry stuff I have had for years just sitting around.

Strawberries it is!

While I was piling stuff up to make some strawberry crafts with the kids on the counter, I spotted 5 pink vintage Christmas lightbulbs I dug out at a yard sale a few weeks ago sitting there in a bowl.

Seeds made with a sharpie, wool felt leaves cut and slipped over the socket, old millinery flower glued on the felt.

And a bit of wire to hang them on the tree.

30 minutes to cute.

Now I need to find some Styrofoam balls for the next craft for make it Monday!


  1. What an awesome idea! My daughter would kill to have a mom that does crafts with her like this. I'm just gonna send her to your house for the rest of the Summer. Free babysitting for craft sessions. Sound like a good deal?

    Have a great Sunday, Sarah!


  2. That's so clever and cute too.


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